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Forum Radunia - the biggest multifunctional hall in Poland



Building of the huge shopping centre Forum Radunia in the downtown of Danzig  (Targ Sienny i Rakowy) is a result of the agreement between Dutch company Multi Development Poland and the city of Danzig. Polish Railway Company has also its participation/ contribution in the investment/ project. It is planned that the building would be open in 2015.


Archeological works on the building area are the first stage of the project. The building process is planned to begin next march. Lengthening of the SKM railways and building of the new SKM stop- Danzig- Downtown is also connected with the project and it is planned to be completed at the beginning of 2014.


According to the investor’s current plans, it is planned that the multifunctional hall would be built on the land of the 5.5 hectares size. 36 500 square meters would be used for trade/ retail, 26 00 square meters would be used for offices and 28 000 square meters for parking. It is possible to built some apartments, if there is a demand for them. The total cost of building the Forum Radunia may reach even 800 000 000 zl.


There will be a huge amount of restaurants, supermarket and a big cinema in the multifunctional hall. Besides that, the offices, hotel, Heritage Centre of the city of Danzig and a parking for 1300 vehicles are going to be in there.


Moreover, the project includes rebuilding of existing technical and road infrastructure. A concrete slab of 2,5 hectares size will cover the hole in which railways are located - along the 3 Maja Street, the tunnel under Hucisko is going to be built- the new street Podwale Grodzkie is going to be created there. The tunnel will connect the Gdansk Glowny (Danzig main train station) train station area, the projecting SKM Danzig- Downown railway station (it would cost SKM 80 000 000 zl) with the Torunska street. The additional road lanes are going to be built on the viaduct on Armii Krajowej Street- it would change the transport hub. The RaduniaCanal would be cover- on the 120 meters length- by the glass ceiling/ roof which would be set on 27 meters high. On a part of the place (in the opposite side of the Brama Wyzynna) the footbridge would be made.


- The new area above the railway would the one of the most breathtaking elements of the project. Forum Radunia would be a living/ lively addition to the historic part of the city - ensures Multi Development.


 Multi Development Poland is a company that is a part of Dutch developer’s Multi Corporation who specialize in building downtown retail space. The corporation operates in 14 European countries.


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