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Silesia and Lesser Poland are improving their competitiveness



Two voivodeships of Southern Poland decided to merge together and create macro- region, which would be competitive not only in comparison to the other regions of Poland, but also it would be competitive Europe. The existence of this kind of the Lesser Poland- Silesian Europol would increase the attractiveness of the lands intended for the investments what will result in a rise of the real estate market.


The idea of cooperation between local governments is not new; the works on the Strategy of the Development of Southern Poland are being continued from 2011.  Local authorities of two regions established the Program Council, the Scientific Council and the tasks teams which are working on the Strategy. The adaption of the Strategy by the voivodeship parliament is planned for the end of this year.


Few days ago in Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, took place the workshops in which the Presidents of parliaments of Lesser Poland and Silesia were discussing (according to the Strategy) the details of development of the metropolitan areas and intellectual capital. Apart from the local authorities, scientists, culture representatives, members of local parliaments and members of business institutions presented their opinions. The meeting was the last chance to present the aspiration and expectations of the cooperation between the vovivodeshps - before the first project of the Strategy would be accomplished.


The priorities for both local governments are: infrastructure (with transport and flood preventions/ flood- reliefs actions included), environmental protection, to revitalize cities, cross- border cooperation, and promotion of the vovivodeships’ image. Moreover, the intellectual development would the major aspect of the cooperation of those two voivodeships. It is worth to mention that there are almost 400 000 students in Lesser Poland and Silesia. Silesia and Lesser Poland are also considering common development of airports in Balice and Pyrzowice, what will have a great importance for foreigners wanted to move to our country.


The governors of the voivodeships have no doubts that the creation of the Strategy would bring the benefits for both voivodeshps. – We have common potential and it is worth to make use of it. The sum of GDP of Lesser Poland and Silesia in GDP of country (20.6 %) is higher that total GDP of five voivodeships of Eastern Poland.  This is the reason why we decided to create a strategic partnership for the Southern Poland development - comments president of Lesser Poland - Marek Sowa. It is important for us that not only the local governments of two voivodeships would be involved in the project but also the other sectors that build its wealth: traders, universities, business institutions/ members of business , culture institutions and research organizations- adds president of Lesser Poland.


The president of Silesia highlights the importance of the document that is being prepared. - Despite the fact that we have started not so long time ago-by signing the common declaration- the works on the Strategy go fast enough to be able to accept the document as fast as in December - said Adam Matusiewicz. – This is the first strategy since quite a long time that attract so much interest of residents and media. That indicates a growing need for cooperation between both regions.


Cooperation of both voivodeships may effectively dethrone Warsaw from the leader position.- Only by combing forces we will be able to shorten the distance to Warsaw. If Silesia and Lesser Poland build homogeneous area of business concentration, expertise area and innovation, it will be visible in Europe. Krakow and Katowice may stabilize this metropolitan area network - convinces the Jacek Woźniak - proxy of Lesser Poland Administrationof Strategy Planning.


The last workshops on Strategy took place in middle of March in Katowice and were focused on the integration of both regions, rising the competiveness of their economics and promotion of Southern Poland.


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