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How to choose the right insurance company?



Why is it worth buying a home insurance and what kind of danger does the insurance policy prevent you from? For these and even more questions, journalist asked a lawyer, Maria Jędrzejczak. Why should you buy a home insurance policy?


Maria Jędrzejczak: At first, we should realize possibility of a danger, which may happen to our property. Recently, we have experienced natural disasters, e.g. flood. It has damaged all housing in the region.  Usually, costs of the house or apartment repair are much higher than our financial capability at the time. When life savings are lost, people cannot afford to rebuild their houses. That is why it is worth buying an insurance policy. It guarantees people will receive their compensation for damage caused to their homes. If you decide to buy an insurance policy, what can you insure our property against?


Maria Jędrzejczak: You can insure your house and property within it against various risks. The individual risk or the extent of the random insured events is defined in the conditions of the policy in detail. Standard insurance covers the risks associated with natural disasters, like: flood, fire, storm, hails or lightening, etc. The other insurance can protect against burglary, robbery or damage. Moreover, some of the insurance policies cover civil liability, which protect holders from damage caused to third parties due to house performance or daily living activities. I would like to highlight the fact that the insurance policy has to be matched to your individual needs. What is the cost of a standard insurance?


Maria Jędrzejczak: The cost of the insurance depends on a home value and how well it is protected. It is hard to say how much the standard insurance is, without knowing these factors. The cost of a premium depends on the level of security – the more protection is expected, the higher premium will be.  Anyway, it is worth paying such a sum of money, realizing the consequences of the damage which may happen to your property. In this case, this expenditure sounds reasonable and profitable. Can you judge the value of the property by yourself? Do you need to ask for a certified property valuer?


Maria Jędrzejczak: The valuation of the property is often made by a property valuer. They assess whether the property is in a good technical condition. They also give professional opinion about building technologies. Protection systems, e.g. a burglar proof door system, an alarm system, anti-burglar roller blinds, have huge impact on the price of the insurance policy. In particular, what are the most important factors in choosing the best property insurance?


Maria Jędrzejczak: People should be familiar with the general terms of the agreement, the rights and the obligations of the both sides. They should analyze carefully which events they will be insured from. The insurance policy is often cheaper when it does not cover full range of risks but clients are not aware of that fact. Also, we have to pay attention to the list of events that exclude the liability of the insurer. So you have to read the agreement…


Maria Jędrzejczak: People have to read the general terms of the agreement (OWU terms), which specify the coverage and the subject of the insurance policy. There are principles of our decision. If any uncertainty occurs, the agreement should be reported to the insurance company and there should be someone who will explain every doubt you have. How should you compare offers to be certain that your company insurance choice is the best?


Maria Jędrzejczak: In such comparison, there are significant elements: an insurance coverage (it covers events which your property is insured from), what is covered by the insurance (e.g. furniture) and the  price. We cannot search for the best insurance company but we can find the optimal conditions. Wherever it is possible, we should search for the highest insurance value for the relatively low amount of the premium. What kind of responsibilities should be remembered by the insured?


Maria Jędrzejczak: The policy-holders should use their property in accordance with the fire or building code etc. They should also remember about extension of the policy in the right time. It often happens that people forget about this duty. The policy no longer obligates when there is no premium payment. What about those who want to extend the agreement on time? Can they expect that the insurer will propose them better conditions?


Maria Jędrzejczak: Certainly. Regular clients often get some bonuses from the insurer. Insurers reward client’s loyalty. Thank you very much for your time.


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