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An agricultural estate rise



After the Agricultural Property Agency, the average of agricultural estate prices amounted to 18 502 złotych per hectare. It is 6,4% more than in the first quarter of the current year  and  10,7% more comparing with the corresponding period of the previous  year.


In the second quarter of 2012, agricultural land prices were higher than  in the first quarter. They rose by 1111zł. The highest prices were reached in:  the Wielkopolskie (25 400 zł/ha), Kujawsko-Pomorskie  (25 200zł/ha), Dolnośląskie (23 900 zł/ha) voivodeships. The lowest prices were achieved in: Lubelskie (11 300 zł/ha), Lubuskie (12 800 zł/ha) and Świętokrzyskie (13 000zł/ha) voivodeships.


The official data, taken from the Agricultural Property Agency, state in the second quarter of 2012 the Agency sold almost 40 000 ha. In the first half of the current year it has reached 62 200 ha. It is 22% more than in the corresponding period of the previous year. The largest amounts of land were sold in Wrocław – 6344 ha, in Opole – 6213 ha and in Gdańsk – 6050 ha.


Grażyna Kapelko, the spokeswoman of the Agricultural Property Agency, says:

“It is the best sale result which has been reached since 9 years. It was gained due to the Agency policy. It is directed towards family farms, which can gain profits thanks to the permanent property management policy of the Agency in the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury. Currently, the Agency provides the best agricultural estate sale conditions in its history. This opportunity appeared because of the amendments to the act .”


The biggest amount of agricultural estate of the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury are mainly located in:  the Zachodnio Pomorskie ( 364 400 ha), Wielkopolskie (263 400 ha), Dolnośląskie (251 200 ha) and the Warmia i Mazury  ( 225 100 ha) voivodeships.


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