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Ernst & Young made a report, in which it ranked European countries in view of the most attractive new capital expenditure. In its ranking, Germany was first and it won with the highest investors’ approval ( 35% of respondents).  In the second place, there was Poland with 10% of the vote. Our country was placed higher than the Great Britain (8%), Russia (7%) and France (4%) were.


In Ernst & Young’s report, European real estate assets investment indicator 2012, 83% of respondents rate Polish real estate market and its new investments in a good way. Due to the report, Polish market is considered very attractive by 53% of the respondents, 30% suggested that it is attractive and only 6% consider it less attractive.


Worth mentioning is the fact that Polish and Russian markets are the only one among the emerging markets, in which perspectives are so bright. Moreover, 46% of respondents anticipate making profits in 2012 but at the same time 45% do not expect any improvement.


What may cause such a good attitude towards our country? The authors of the report highlight the fact that Poland is the most developed European country during the world crisis. The growth of the national economy creates an image in which Poland is no longer regarded as a part of the East-Central Europe. Business people start to see difference between Poland and the other countries of the region such as: CzechRepublic, Romania or Hungary (There was a tendency that Poland was losing its position while other East-Central countries were struggling with their problems)


There are also good opinions about new Polish investment funding.  More than a half of respondents expect a support from the real estate market trough the commercial mortgage- backed securities. Among the European markets, Poland is placed on the highest position with 58% of the vote.


Ernst & Young’s report presents an optimistic outlook for our country. However, our optimism should not be extreme. In experts’ opinion, there are many things to improve to be considered as a safe investment country in a real estate sector. Undoubtedly, the strongest points of Poland are: low labor costs, well-qualified workers, a good business atmosphere and a very clear law system. Our labor productivity still has to be improved to become a competitive advantage. Moreover, we need to reduce the red tape and improve a public service sector, e.g. road infrastructure, transportation and health care.


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