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PLN 600M for the Mieszkanie dla Młodych Program next year



We already know how much money does vice-minister Piotr Styczeń want to spend on the new program Mieszkanie dla Młodych (MdM). It will be PLN 600M next year.


What we don’t know is how much money will be reserved for the program in the years to come. PLN 600M is the maximum stated in the Public Procurement Act, and as for now we shouldn't expect more.


The bill on MdM was already considered by the Cabinet Committee, and with the beginning of May, it will be filed in to the lower house of Polish Parliament – Sejm.


This program is very similar to the previous one – Rodzina na Swoim, but is was significantly improved. The flaws of the previous program were eliminated, and it is more accurately directed to the target consumer group – says Piotr Styczeń.


Among all the other, vice-minister revealed the information about how long the program will last. If it starts as planned – on the January, 1 2014, it finishes on the January, 1 2019. It is already known that a lot of people are waiting for the program to be launched. Rodzina na Swoim stared in 2007 and finished on the December, 31 2012. Almost 182K of mortgage loans, whose total amount is about PLN 32 970 000.00K were granted.


What is important, if you buy an apartment with the MdM program, you aren't free to sell or rent it. In case of the apartment sale during the first 5 years from the purchase, the beneficiary of the program will be required to pay a proportional part of a supplement money. Money obtained form the sales of the apartment may be spend on the purchase of a different housing unit.


MdM program is a program that provides single parents, single persons, and married couples where at least one person is no older than 35 years old, with some supplement payment for the purchase of their first apartment. The apartment purchased within the program shell be financed by a mortgage loan, and its total area is max. 75 sq. m; although the supplement will cover only max. 50 sq. m of the replacement value.


Families with no children and single people will receive 10 per cent of 50 sq. m value of the apartment. Single parents and families with one child – 15 per cent. Another 5 per cent shell receive all the persons, who within the first 5 years form the purchase of the apartment will have their third (fourth, or next) child. The government will also grant a 5 per cent supplement for each adopted child.


We still don’t have a final decision as for the supplement budget for each third child in the family. We are wondering whether we should spend the money on more mortgage loan supplements, or freeze the money and wait for third children to be born. As for now, every family in the program will receive another 5 per cent supplement once they have their third child – says the vice-minister.


Mateusz Kozłowicz





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4 350 000 PLN


179.00 m2


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