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Who is afraid of a real estate agent...?



It seems that services provided by real estate agencies and portals are most commonly used by foreigners and investors. Safe transaction and time saving – these are the real advantages of using professional assistance. How are real estate agents doing in Poland? Do Polish people use their help?


The vast majority of Polish people use Internet portals and look for the apartments to rent on their own. And, most of the times, they would choose an offer posted by a private person. Asking a real estate agent for help is still a rarity, although services offered by agencies and portals are expanding significantly.


Who uses the real estate agent’s services?

We seek real estate agent’s help more often when we are about to sell or purchase a property. The situation is different in big cities – less and less people there save on expert’s services, but this phenomenon results from the high standard of living of the clients.


Finding a property which meets client’s expectations becomes a popular service. Foreigners and Polish people living aboard use it particularly often because of the distance. They deliver a detailed characteristic of the property they desire to find, explain the purpose of their search (rent, purchase), and let the experts look for a perfect match. This practice shortens the time of the property hunt and, first and foremost, does not require personal involvement in the search. This service is commonly chosen by those who look for a short and effective hunt, i.e. corporate workers, who have to relocate quickly.


Transaction safety

In spite of their conservative approach to real estate agencies, Polish people are slowly discovering the advantages of having an intermediary’s assistance on the real estate market. When a property owner decides to hire an agent to sell his property, he will be protected by the agreement they sign. Everyone who is interested in the purchase, and comes to see the property has an appointment with the agent and is not an anonymous person. This is a good start for a safe transaction.


What should you know before entering to a real estate agency?

Rules of co-operation with a real estate agent are the most important thing to learn about. While selling a property, you usually sign an exclusive agreement for a specified period of time. That is why it is absolutely necessary to ask if your agent uses an internet tool which allows for sharing offers with other agents.


Thanks to this tool, you will be working with one agent, but your offer will be received by many Internet portals and real estate agencies. Finally, remember that agent’s commission may be a subject to negotiation, so don’t settle easily.


Real estate agent’s license is still an asset

The profession of a real estate agent was subjected to deregulation, and legally granted qualifications, such as a real estate agent’s license, repealed form the effect, and everyone can become a real estate agent now. However, the license symbolizes experience, and proves the reliability of the agency.


Agent is an investment

Real estate agent is responsible for advertising client’s offer, but is also an advisor. He has to make sure that he finds the best offer and checks its quality. For example: if you want to buy an apartment form the secondary market, the agent will check its mortgage, analyze the inheritance issues, finds other owners.


Ask yourself this question: how often do you sell or buy apartments? Polish standard is a single investment in an apartment which will serve the family for years and become safety measure for the future. Transactions on the real estate market require experience, and each mistake may cost you a lot more than the agent’s commission.


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