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They know how to promote Poland. First anniversary of Link to Poland



Today, it is exactly one year since Link to Poland was first time presented on the Internet. The site’s author and coordinator of the Business Department, Mariusz Soltanifar speaks about the development of the portal in the past year.


– Link to Poland has met with approval of many private individuals, organisations and institutions, which is reflected very well in the number of visitors to the website and the buzz in social media. In such a short time, Link to Poland has established cooperation with over 80 institutional partners and media from all over the world, which are of great importance for Poles living abroad – said Mariusz Soltanifar.


Link to Poland, through a close cooperation with media and Polish organisations abroad and also with Polish embassies, spreads knowledge about Polish culture and tradition, informing about activities of Poles and the Polish diaspora in various areas of life. It presents achievements, exhibitions, lectures, concerts and many other unique projects being realised worldwide by Poles.


Irena Biegunska, owner of the My Poland company specialising in the sales and promotion of Polish handicraft says: "We have a lot of things to present to the world, and we often think too critically about our own achievements and traditions, thinking that are unworthy of attention or are too provincial. Initiatives like Link to Poland can make us aware of our achievements and appreciate them. All of that helps in promoting Poland abroad. I support Link to Poland, which is not only open for cooperation, but also inspires further, common activities".


In my view, Poland is really badly promoted abroad and in general around the whole world – claims Kevin J. Aiston – Polish TV and radio presenter, and former BBC photoreporter. So many good and important things come from Poland or were done by Poles internationally. I defend Poland at every opportunity. People around the world do not even realise the number of things for which they can be grateful to the Poles and Poland. It is possible to change this and show Poland in a better light. Your website can definitely do it, and help your country in this way. I support you and I am going to continue to do so …


Lukasz Kedzierski, the author and managing director of website for Polish people living in Norway,, emphasises that: more than half of Polish immigrants in Norway have upper secondary education or university education, but they work in roles below their level of qualifications. There is a similar situation in other European countries and other parts of the world. Link to Poland, by initiating of a project of raising professional qualifications in the Netherlands, not only promotes Poland, but also responds to requests from Polish people who live abroad permanently. It stimulates their creativity and builds a different image of Poland, oriented on cooperation and networking".


Link to Poland is developing closer cooperation with the Polish Tourist Organisation, which has taken on a merits-related patronage of the website.


"Taking part in the project Link to Poland as a partner, Red Papaya supports initiatives of Poles around the world. Many people want to keep contact with the country and be abreast of current affairs in Poland. We are aware of how many Poles who have lived abroad for many years are willing to use services and products coming from Poland, which are both high quality and at competitive prices. Therefore, they support native Polish business" – said Jaroslaw Chojnacki, owner of the creative agency, and executor of the Link to Poland website.


"Link to Poland is necessary. It is an excellently prepared project for the realisation of ambitious goals – point out Jakub Milszewski, chief editor of Live&Travel magazine. The material of the website photographer, Francesco Carovillano, subtly shows the beauty of country, which is wonderful way of promoting Poland externally, so we have proudly shown these images to 30,000 of our readers. The publication of a photo essay on our website is – hopefully – only the beginning of good cooperation. We support Link to Poland and watch its development with a great interest".


Guido Keutgen, publisher of 2-weekly Dutch paper in Polish poPolsku and partner of Pracuj.FM, the Polish radio in The Netherlands is convinced that "working as a local partner with Link to Poland builds a bridge between the Dutch local society and the Polish diaspora represented by Link to Poland. With their modern and entrepreneurial approach Link to Poland very much fits our way of building valuable and effective initiatives, delivering information and communication to this group of around 320.000 people in the Netherlands, helping them to fullfil their ambitions and being succesful abroad and in their Polish community. As a mediapartner we contribute to the mission and goals of Link to Poland through our Gazeta poPolsku, our radiostation Pracuj.FM and other joined initiatives in the future, both in the Netherlands and abroad".


In connection with further activity and answers to the requests of users, Link to Poland is preparing new projects. Grzegorz Chec, co-founder of website, discloses the strategic plans: "In the new year, Link to Poland will launch five regional versions: in France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Great Britain. We will also publish an exclusive magazine and launch a network of Polish companies which work outside Poland. The website will be also co-managed by regional representants of Link to Poland. We would like to invite any individuals and organisations, which are ready to accept a modern and interactive presentation of Poland and Poles".


Link to Poland in numbers, in a year 2012 – 2013

• 485 published articles

• 87 partner organisations

• 30 media patronages

• 15 references

• 3986 likes on Facebook

• 2604 members of Link to Poland Facebook group

• 665 followers on Twitter

• 509 Pins on Pinterest


Contact details:

Link to Poland:

mobile number (international): 0031 684 978 862

mobile number in Poland: 0048 602 466 265




Skype: linktopoland

Prezi: linktopoland


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