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They study in Poland – they rent in Poland – they live in Poland



Have you ever thought about renting your apartment to foreign students? Or maybe you have, but still have no clue how to do it – and you should think about it fast, if you are to exploit the opportunity.


Education Foundation Perspektywy has prepared a report on foreign students who come to study in our country. It is entitled Foreign Students in Poland 2012, and was based on yet unpublished data gathered by GUS (Central Statistical Office), OECD, UNESCO, and Eurosat.


Studying abroad is a common practice

In developed countries, foreign students comprise app. 10-15% of the whole student population. In European Union, this average is just above 7%, and in OECD – 6 %. It means that more than 4 m students choose to study away form their motherland, and this number is about to double by 2020.


Poland in comparison to other countries

Currently, there are 24,253 foreigners form 141 countries who study in Poland, which is almost 4 thousand more than last year. Although we still host a relatively small group of students in comparison to the Czech Republic or Hungary, our dynamics of increase of this number form year to year is one of the highest in the world!


Housing in Poland

All students who come to our country have to live somewhere. Some of them choose university dorms, but others look for independent housing or rooms for rent. So, it is worth to think about where they go for help. Some students may look for an apartment from their own country, others choose the assistance of friends or real estate agencies.


The Platform which connects both parties to the transaction

The peak season for the apartment rents starts in September and this is the moment when you should start looking for potential tenants. A great solution would be to use services of the company which supports both sides to the transaction, foreign students and Polish landlords.


Where do our foreign students come form?

Statistics published show that the biggest group of foreigners who study in Poland come from Ukraine (6321) and Belorussia (2937). Just after them, there are young people form Norway (1514), Sweden (1162), and the USA (970). Our universities become more and more popular also among Spaniards (1177).


The number of Ukrainian youngsters interested in studying in Poland increases form year to year. Since 2009, their number doubled and only 19% of them claim to have Polish origin.


Who will rent housing to the foreign student?

So, the obvious question arises: who will be willing to rent their property to guests form abroad? Are Polish estate owners, who rent to students, ready to entrust their property to a stranger from Europe? Are Polish real estate agencies prepared to provide services to foreigners?


"We are still not used to provide services to foreigners. And this situation probably stems form the fact that our country has just opened for people coming form abroad to work or study here. They are the potential clients of Polish landlords and real estate agents. We should meet their expectations, so that they enjoy the stay in our country," said Romuald Margol, CEO General Director of


What makes them interested in Poland?

Broad interest in studying in Poland among foreign students may be the result of the introduction of a programme "Study in Poland", which promotes our universities. It was initiated by the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland and Education Foundation Perspektywy in the academic year 2005/2006. There was even a promotional movie encouraging education pursue in Poland.


In addition, there are web pages which promote studies in our country such as: or If you would like to rent a flat in Wrocław or get knowledge about Poland visit Renting Zone


Mateusz Kozłowicz


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