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There is a group of Polish people who are not discouraged by the prices of real estate in Poland. Their income earned abroad enables them to save for the deposit, and stable job guarantees creditworthiness. Polish people emigrate to save for housing.


Economic emigration has been analyzed multiple times. Data show that almost 8 thousand Poles have applied for British citizenship since 2009. Not long ago, the newspaper “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” stated that the number of emigrants who have been living abroad for a period of time longer than one year increased by 874 thousand in the last 10 years. Not all emigrants leave Poland for good, some of them still consider their work in the UK a temporary solution for quick income boost.


Earning money for the loan observes a different aspect of this situation: emigrants became an important group of clients on Polish real estate market. Both the prices of properties in Poland, and difficulties in the purchase of housing were broadly discussed, and still the first step to one’s own apartment is a mortgage loan. Growing number of young people and married couples emigrate to earn money for their own housing – this is their main goal.


Some of them leave our country to pay the debt they contracted with the Rodzina na Swoim Programme. There is also a group of people who work abroad for years, have stable jobs and treat their emigration as a starting point for future purchases on the real property market. To make long story short: it is easier to earn for your own housing if you work in a different EU country.


Is an emigrant bank's favorite client?

Income gained aboard undoubtedly does give more freedom on Polish housing market – if you have a stable job and transparent credit record.


"Banks have an individual approach to each client who earns outside our country. If he meets basic bank requirements, he will be easily granted a loan on favorable conditions. However, we have to remember that we are talking about a group of people who have savings for the deposit and high – in comparison to Polish – salaries, and they may be assessed as low-risk clients by the bank”, explains Romuald Margol.


Foreign income, cheaper mortgage loan

Data gathered by indicate that Polish people who work abroad save to buy large houses or apartments. Their high salaries enable them to receive substantial financial help – they just can afford more.


And, thanks to the fact, that they have enough savings to pay the deposit – which is often 20-30% of the property value, they may expect cheaper loans. They have a strong position on the mortgage market after introducing the requirement of making a deposit payment in 2014.


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