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Ocice / House / Sales
120.00 m2 Rooms:5
Ocice , Kolonia
A house close to nature, offer for sale of a property in a naturally green area. The building is located on a secluded 12 ares plot, farmed rural. The house has a residential function, but there is a possibility of modernization of the object into a small, park residence. You can also consider a variant of reorientation of the facility into recreational and agrotourist facilities, although a part can be separated in your own housing to run your own business. The house is a contradiction of flashy elegance, so the surface can be used for many purposes. Architecture combines a conventional form, the building has an impressive external appearance. The front walls are decorated with a tile, thanks to which the house is well-configured with the natural surroundings in the forest cover. The front entrance has a porch, and the ground floor is the living space of the connected rooms of the lobby, staircase, kitchen with dining room, bathroom and living room with a passage to the green garden. The ground floor has an additional utility room with an exit to the garage in the building block. There is another detached garage behind the building. The first floor consists of two rooms with balconies, bathroom and bedroom with a walk-in closet and access to a large terrace. The raw lump of the garage building can be developed and enlivened by a glazed space. There is also the option of introducing elements such as glazing and mezzanines to the arrangement by adapting the attic. The house is in the privacy of greenery, therefore the offer is ideal for lovers who value such values ​​as peace and quiet. The building is surrounded by a chain of regional, folkloric climate, located in the neighborhood of a historic rural accent, and near the charming town of Zgorzelec. The border crossing Zgorzelec-Görlitz is located about 40 km from the property. Distance to closer cities within 12 km. The construction year 2008 made of good quality materials. Price 445000 PLN, the opportunity to negotiate 3.5% of the price, or about 15000 PLN, if the buyer resigns from the partial furnishing of the house. Those interested are asked to contact us via SMS or E-mail, because I can not always answer the phone.

Date: 2018-02-07
445 000 EUR
3 708 EUR / m2

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the owner

+48 533225959
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