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Why register?

  • We promote your advertisements all over the Europe
  • We reach Polish and foreign investors
  • We will help you to communicate with foreign clients
  • We will help you with your mortgage loan
  • We provide legal advice
  • We provide all our clients with complex services
  • We ensure safety and high quality of services

Who are you?

Types of offers available:
While adding an offer, you can administrate and modify it using the user's panel available after you log in. You can also commission the positioning, translation and promotion of your offer.

What you get Standard Premium Premium +

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How long is your offer displayed 30 days 30 days 30 days 40 days
No. of pictures added 4 10 16 16
Positioning on the list as added always before standard always before standard separate category
Highlighting color blue color blue gold
Translation service * *
Promotion on home page
Promotion in foreign services
Promotion in Newsletter

Cost of a single offer

2 zł 5 zł 20 zł 35 zł

* We translate offers which are no longer than a A4 page. Longer offers and shortened accordingly.
** If you add translation of your offer, or commission it to us, you will find your add on the Polish version of our webpage. You can commission your offer for translation in the user’s panel, after making a payment.
*** Premium+ and Elite offers - translation is included in the price. We will also display your property on the foreign WebPages.

We co-operate with the following foreign web portals:

expatfocus futurelife globaledge.gif globimmo.png homeadverts.png homehippo.png homein.png realtyindexer.png twpn.png trovit

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Tytuł: Optymalizacja współpracy pomiędzy POLISHPROPERTY.EU MARGOL ROMUALD a Partnerami biznesowymi w efekcie wdrożenia systemu B2B w ramach którego działać będzie aplikacja online dostępna na urządzenia mobilne. Projekty współfinansowane ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka