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General rules of purchasing a real estate in Poland by foreigners:

Purchasing a real estate in Poland by foreigners in most cases require a permission from Minister of the Interior and Administration. This rule also applies to purchasing market shares of companies with its headquarters in Poland, which possess the property.

Issuing an application for permission is chargeable. The table with charges for administrative services is presented below:

  • permission for purchasing a real estate, market shares, stocks by foreigner – 1.570 zł
  • promise – 98 zł
  • another decision, regulated by KPA rules- 10zł
  • letter of attorney – 17zł
  • issuing certification – 17zł

Exceptionally, permission for a purchase is not necessary in case of:

  • purchasing a self-contained residential premises, premises used as a garage, or share in that kind of premises, only if it is for housing purposes of purchaser
  • purchasing a real estate by foreigner living in Poland for at least 5 years from the time he/she received a permission for settling down
  • purchasing by a foreigner married to polish citizen and living in Poland for at least 2 years from the time he/she received a permission for settling down
  • purchasing by a corporate body, or a commercial company, which does not possess legal status, having its headquarters in Poland and being controlled by foreigners, non-built-up properties which complete area in our country do not exceed 0.4 ha in the city area
  • purchasing a real estate by foreigner, who is a bank and at the same time mortgagee, in the course of seizure of a property for ownership as a result of resultless auction in an executive proceedings

Release from the obligation to obtain permission for purchasing a property do not apply, when the object of purchase is a property located in boarder zone, as well as agricultural lands with an area exceeding 1 ha.

Documents concerning administrative procedures being held in the Department of Permits and Licenses may be provided in person to an E-filling Office of Ministry of the Interior and Administration – ul. Rakowiecka 2a in the opening hours 8:00 - 16:00, or by mail.

For general enquires write on: or fax: +48 (22) 848-97-81

Information concerning administrative proceedings in progress are provided after giving a case number after calling: +48 (22) 60-118-70 or + 48 (22) 60-116-02

Detailed information concerning purchasing a property by foreigners as well as forms’ models are available at the official MSWiA page:

Please fill the contact form here. We are willing to help you with all aspects of formalities.


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